Integrated Service

Design Process: Location, Permit, Engineering , Production. Construction, Operation and Maintenance
NEMO will provide all solution for customer’s various needs: 2 MW Water Floating Solar Power

Automatic Production

With compiled drawings and transfer punch and cutting information to appropriate line (we have three liens) and produce them. after inspection of final products, we store them in the plant for delivery to job site.

NEMO will MEET Customer’s need; Any place, any size!!

Best Quality Steel:POSMAC

The best QUALITY STEEL: 25 years rust free guaranty

ESS · Operation · Maintenance

ESS and O&M is very crucial process of Solar business. NEMO created a joint venture in order to provide various service for our customer
Corp name: E-PACK
TDC -> ESS SOURCING | NEMO -> ESS PACKAGE and O&M solution | Heesung: National Netywork